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Wall Art of the 8th

Earlier this year I got the chance to 'present' my work at a conference - with a twist. Rather than facing a room full of academics, I'd be able to deliver my research in my pyjamas, through the digital medium of Twitter. The event was the brainchild of War Through Other Stuff - a fantastic society committed to learning about war through 'the other stuff', be it material culture, music, dance or literature (or anything else that provides an alternative history of conflict). The day saw academics from all disciplines take to the cyber-stage and deliver their research via 12 tweets, illustrated with videos, images and that old millenial favourite - gifs.

My own paper looked at the wall art of the 8th US Army Air Force, a subject that forms part of my current doctoral research. I've embedded my tweets below and would recommend heading over to to read some of the other conference papers from the day.

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